Set timezone in base.php on ownCloud 10.0.4

I want to change the timezone in the base.php on ownCloud 10.0.4, but when I change it, the integrity check fails and I am locked out of ownCloud. I tried to exclude the base.php file with:
'integrity.excluded.files' =>
array (
but it did not work.

How do I change the base.php timezone from the default of UTC?

Why do you want to change the timezone?

The ownBackup app shows dates in UTC. When I changed the timezone setting from UTC to my timezone in base.php on version 10.0.3, the times showed correctly.

In general I'm very confused about timezone settings in ownCloud. My timezone is set in php. What is the timezone setting in base.php used for?

It is system design best practice to run an international used service with UTC, store and communicate all date times in UTC and let the user facing components render dates to the corresponding timezone.

I'd say if there are issued with ownBackup app - better get in touch with the developer.

Thank you. That is the information I needed. I am in touch with the developer of ownBackup and will have them work on it.

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I'm being told that ownCloud is in control of the time and it is dependent on the timezone set in base.php. How do I make the timezone change in base.php without getting the integrity error? Or is there a better way?

To be honest: don't change it! We put it there on purpose. Hundreds of thousands of instances run with timezone UTC. They cannot be wrong :wink:

Understood. I'll live with it.

Hello Deep
change the timezone on log for the own time zone will help us to avoid the mathematical operation that say: IF UTC is to Milán - Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey time is. and forget this data because is not easy for many