Setting IPv6 reports an error

The web interface is set to IPV6 static IP, the identifier box is filled in with 64 bits at the end of the IP, why does it keep reporting an error, it is the wrong identifier

Your question is difficult to understand. Please post a screenshot to help clarify what you are asking.

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The server is running in VMware, with NAT mode set and IPV6 enabled. In the web page of the server, ipv6 is set to Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) mode. Although my host has obtained the IPV6 address, the server cannot obtain ipv6, as shown below:

Question 1: I want to know whether my server has obtained ipv6. Does not show here whether ipv6 is equivalent to not getting it? Or am I mistaken?

In order to set ipv6, I intend to set a static ipv6 address with the prefix shown in the setting of virtual machine nat mode, as shown in the following figure:

After the setting is completed, you will be prompted after confirming the changes, as shown in the figure:

Question 2: Isn’t Identifier the interface identifier of the last [64] bits of ipv6? What is the filling format of owncloud? Or am I mistaken?

In order to access the server from the external network, I can only use my only public ipv6 ip.

Please help me solve these two problems.

Thank you very much!

Those are not ownCloud screens. This is the wrong place to seek assistance with configuring VMware.

You may want to ask the VMware Community.

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I’m sorry, maybe I’m stubborn when I say this, but I still want to ask about the [1111:1111:1111:1111]that I filled in the identifier on the web settings page of the owncloud server. I don’t think it has anything to do with VMware. I think I may have failed to fill in the correct identifier format. Can you tell me the correct format? Of course, please tell me if the format is correct!

In addition, win10 runs in vmware, and under the same nat settings, win10 can get ipv6 normally. Through this step, I think it can be ruled out that this fault is caused by vmware, so the problem still goes back to the setting of owncloud.

Why you think a VMware guest IP question belongs in the ownCloud forum?

Even if you are running ownCloud on that VMware guest, your question has nothing to do with ownCloud. You need to seek help with your VMware guest configuration in an appropriate venue. This is not that place.

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