Setting up ownCloud Infinite Scale for free in (less than) 50 Seconds - at Ubernauten

Hi there,

I’ve written a little howto that made it into the Developer documentation of Infinite Scale. Not only my first contribution to ownCloud or Infinite Scale, no! Believe it or not, this pull request and merge was my first git contribution to ANY open source project ever. Yeah, even though I’ve been using and contributing to Linux and Open Source since 1994, my part was more in writing… and here we are:

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward. All you’ll need for the free web hosting of the Ubernauten (a german collective providing “Universal Hosting for shell lovers” are some special shell variables regarding their proxy setup and stuff.

Have a lot of fun and tell me if you find any mistakes or improvements! Remember: Only the first 30 days at Ubernauten are free of charge!

Markus Feilner

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