Setup issues Raspberry Pi OS

I get this error when installing Owncloud 10.5.0 on Raspberry Pi OS (latest version) with PHP and Sqlite

Looked online, nothing worked.

EDIT: Did some guessing and got the PHPgd error off. I verified in the terminal and I have installed sqlite - maybe the drivers weren’t installed?

Is there anyone online that can help me out here?

Like the error message says, you need to make sure that the PHP modules are installed and enabled.
As Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian you should be able to find apt and dpkg to check installed and install additional packages:

# check installed packages
dpkg -l | grep -i php 
# search for packages
apt-cache search php | grep -i <module name>
# install packages
apt-get install -y <package name from output above>

I would never recommend to run ownCloud with sqlite, performance is just horrible. I would also strongly recommend to install redis and apcu and configure them in owncloud for memcache local and file locking.

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@eneubauer Thanks I will try that. I’ll also try MySQL now.