Setup One way sync or how to avoid deleting local files

I’ve been using owncloud server hosted in m Qnap NAS and having multiple clients at mac, iphone etc. I recently discovered that moving a folder from qnap server where owncloud folder syncs, also removes from the local mac folders. While i understand basically does a sync, i’d like to how to enable one way sync and to ensure no local files are removed?
I see a lot of discussion at but not sure if its implemented yet as I cant figure out an option.
Client: 2.5.1
Server: 8.0.4.
Appreciate any help on this! Thanks!


i don’t think that the ownCloud Desktop-Client provides such a “one way” sync possibility.

Thanks for the reply. Basically i’m looking for an option that do not removes the files from the destination when a file or directory is removed at the source. Are you sure there is no such feature?


in the past i had found the following below:

The process of synchronization keeps files in two separate repositories the same. When synchronized:

  • If a file is added to one repository it is copied to the other synchronized repository.
  • When a file is changed in one repository, the change is propagated to any other synchronized repository.
  • If a file is deleted in one repository, it is deleted in any other.

so it looks to me quite clear that no such feature exists as it would be mentioned somewhere in the documentation. I’m also not aware of any setting in the desktop client allowing to enable such a feature.