Several questions


I ask myself several questions:

Is it possible to see who uploads the content?

How to prohibit the right to delete a file that does not belong to us?

Is it possible to give access to a file only to a specific user?

Thank you in advance for your clarification.




I would imagine you can look in the owncloud.log to see who uploads what. It's in your owncloud's data directory.

You just don't give the users the edit permissions? It's a check box when you share something.

Sure - just share this file to them and prohibit that he can share that file

If you have more questions you can always check the documentation


It is not really practical for users to see who has uploaded the file ...

At least all users have the right to read, I do not know how to prohibit the right to read a file that belongs to me for other users.


would this way work for you? You have your files somewhere, on your ownCloud or on an external Storage. For the sake of argument lets just say you have 2 files uploaded on your ownCloud in your administrator directory. So if you log in as administrator you see both files. Now you want to give one of the files to all your users, so you share the file to the group "users". now the users can see the file. the one you did not shared, only you can see.