Share a directory without desktop user sync

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share a specific folder with a group but I don’t want the files to be synced on the client side. My concern is regarding security as the folder is encrypted on the server side, but not on the computers of each user. I think all users of the group could disable the sync of the folder on the client side but I’d like to do that on the server side to control it. It would be cool to only be able to edit it on the web interface.
It seems there is this issue since a while but not much happened.
Do you have an idea how to achieve this ?

On the one hand it’s a feature suited for ownCloud, because of security and privacy concerns, on the other hand you want to prevent sharing/synching on a file sync and share software :slight_smile:

We do have secure view.

But I don’t know if it’s fitted to your needs.


App “File Firewall” can prevent download for specific user agents:


Hello everyone,

thanks for your answers ! As of now we do not have an enterprise license.

@dmitry it looks indeed like the feature I’d need there. As of now, we use onlyoffice maybe there is a similar feature within the onlyoffice app.

@michaelstingl it might work as well, I don’t know yet what are the full restrictions of this app.

My main concern is to have unencrypted files on several computers that could get stolen. That’s why I’d prefer to keep the files on the server side where it’s encrypted. An other option that allows the sync on the client would be to use some client side encryption on the files. We might go for some PGP if I can’t do the first option to keep the files on the server side, but that’s more “complicated”.

Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile:

Yep exactly, according to your use case description, sharing would be the right location for such enforcement, using the online office integrations for editing capabilities in the browser. Adding to @dmitry’s answer, you can also check the capabilities provided by the OnlyOffice integration



thanks nice suggestion, I’ll check it out !

Sadly the download option doesn’t seem to exist anymore in onlyoffice, I don’t have it in the sharing permissions.

The current implementation covers a use case where you want to give restrictive access (view-only) but allow certain features within OnlyOffice (e.g., commenting). To be able to use it you need to choose a file type supported by OnlyOffice (e.g., docx) and remove the “can edit” permission. Then the additional options should appear. Allowing editing in addition would be a feature request to OnlyOffice as these options come from their integration.


OH you’re right ! I hadn’t notice this behavior by tweaking the parameters, but I was trying to do this on the parent directory. I guess one can’t do this on the directory but it has to be done on each files ?

After some tests, I don’t fully get it on how it works.
What’s the difference between can edit and change ? When I tick can edit, change get ticked too. And the same happens when I tick change.
I can never set only can edit without all the other options.
My goal is to be able to edit this file with only office and never download it on the Desktop client side.

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Thanks again.