Share an mp4 video on facebook : no preview or direct video playing inside facebook?

Hi !

I'm currently playing around with the public sharing features of OwnCloud.
If I share publicly an image, then sharing the public link on facebook reacts as I would expect : an image preview is inserted directly on my facebook wall.

But if I do the same with an mp4 video file, facebook only displays an empty white square containing the owncloud website URL, no preview, no video playing inside facebook. That is the case no matter if I share the public link or the "direct" download link from owncloud.

Any way to get around this and get the video inserted in a better way, just like it would with youtube ?

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OK, I just found information about the og meta's being used by facebook when sharing a link. Owncloud appears to not handle og meta's at all ? Is this changeable by any means ?

Hey vinnythetrue,

would you mind opening a feature request at
That would be awesome!
Thanks in advance!

Hi Kawohl !

By your answer, I guess the meta's can't currently be customized :frowning:

I tried to do as you requested :
Not sure if I did this well though...

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Please just a little patience, as i see you are already in touch with the dev maintaining this stuff..

Just two posts above yours an link to an issue for that app was posted where you might find additional info.