Share by Link Disapear After Upgrade/Install Owncloud 10.0.3

I was upgrade/installed OC 10.0.3, overall running well, except one thing, and the important thing for me, I can not see option "Share by Link". Are there miss configuration, if yes, where is the place?

Thank you so much for the answer

Hi there, could this help you?

Oh yea, I remember I use Owncloud 10.0.3 thats give label status Stable, but my problem is not solve. File-sharing app was enabled by default, setting of sharing is good like the suggesstion, but its not work, option button "Share With Link" is dissapear. The goal is like this image on part of Sharing Link (sorry, I am new user just permitted upload 1 image):

But on my server that option is noting, the following is screenshot oc 10.0.3 on my server

Sharing by Public Links

Any suggestion to use OC version 10.0.0, or 10.0.1, or 10.0.2 maybe? Many thanks for help.

What was the previous version you used? How did you upgrade?

The previous version is 9, then upgrade to 10, that option did not show, and i try to install new ocX directly, and the result is same. I dont know why, but cause confused, now I stay the old version, for a while I cancel to upgrade OC new version. Many thanks...

What happens when you press the button: "create public link"?
The dialog you show is the normal new sharing dialog ... just the feature is renamed.