Share calendar betwen users avoiding detetes each others

Hi, Im a new user and I would like to know hot to share a calendar with a group of user where each user can create a new event in the shared calendar but can`t delete the events created by other users, it’s possible? How can i configure this ?? Thanks

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is currently not possible. Either you can edit and then you can also delete, or you can’t edit a calendar at all and only have viewing rights.

Hi @eneubauer and thanks for your answer
Actually it’s not possibly and there is the reason I asked for helo if there is any chance to modify this? Because I need to share the calendar were each use can see all the eventnts and create/delete his own registers but not the other ones. thanks


i think nearly everything is possible in ownCloud because it is based on Open Source where everyone can modify the source code of ownCloud to add new functionality.

Perhaps it would be better to post feature request on the github issue tracker then? Or do you want to start implementing it yourself? Then I would recommend having a look into the developer manual as a start.

Ok, I will follow your reccomendation; Im just an user, Im not a developer so I cant modify de code. Ijust ask because I thought that maybe someone else already face this need and solved. Thanks a lot.

Yep all good, I really like your suggestion, I hope it gets implemented. But I also don’t want to give you too much hope as it might take a while for it to happen.