Share folder, but not subfolders



unfortunately I did not find any solutions on the internet, so I'm writing here.

My question is: How can I share a folder, but not automatically all subfolders?

For example:

The Folder FR contains:
- Informatics
- Maths
- Music

Person A sees FR like that:
- Informatics
- Music

Person B:
- Maths

Person C:
- Informatics
- Music

So, all should see the main folder (FR). And some should also see subfolders (but not all of them). I could not find a solution.

If I do not share the main folder (only the subfolders), ownCloud shows the Subfolders to the user as if they were mainfolders (no overview and organisation possible)

I hope, you could understand my problem and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Chris



this is currently not possible. As soon as you share the parent folder all subfolders will be shared too.


Sorry, forgot to mention. There is a feature request since a longer time to allow different permissions for subfolders available here:

Grant access to subfolders