Share my owncloud with friends

I have a team in a game and we would like to put together clips of good and funny plays. I wanted to create a server and share via owncloud. I have the server running with owncloud, but I can’t access the cloud through another network besides mine. can you help me?

Hello Adriano.

This is a basic networking issue, you need a public IP, a domain name or a DynDNS.

Nothing ownCloud specific.

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I’m using nas4free I already have the cloud installed so I don’t know how to configure nas4free to be able to access from anywhere in the world. is there a video that can indicate that it would help me?


Check for terms like “port forwarding” and “Dynamic DNS” / “DynDNS”.

I found videos like this, but this one is quite old:

There are also ways to achieve this without “port forwarding” and without “DynDNS”, you can use for example services like PageKite or ngrok

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