Share one collabora with more ownclouds. [Docker]

I have two different owncloud servers.

They are both configured to use one owncloud server.

In the first one works perfectly.

The second one, added recently, when I try to open up a document return this error:

Unhautorized wopi host.

I'm using a docker although I'm not in handy with it.

Looking in the official guide I notice these lines:

I think here's where to modify and add more domains.

How could I fix this problem? What I'm intended to do is feasible?

I had the best luck in the past setting this up with the documentation the Collabora people are providing here:

That way gets me this error for each file I try to open:

Failed to load the document. Please ensure the file type is supported and not corrupted, and try again.

On both domains.

The same documents were opened befeore on the previous selected domain.

I fixed, just restart docker many times.

Works like a bingo.

On nextcloud forum many said like this

You had to restart the collabora container multiple times? Or the ownCloud container?

Service docker restart