Share specific files and keep the Folder structure

Is it possible to share a single file to a different user while keeping the folder structure containing ONLY the single file i shared? (Like windows does within a home network)

Steps to reproduce
I'm sharing a single file that is is within a complex folder structure (sharing it from User A to User B in the webmanager).

Expected behaviour
Create the Folder Structure in the local owncloud folder of user B: FOLDER1 -> FOLDER2 -> FILE.DAT

Actual behaviour
FILE.DAT has been downloaded into the root directory of the owncloud folder. The Folder structure has NOT been kept

I'm using the Windows Client to sync the stuff.

Server configuration
Operating system: QNAP (4.3.3)
Web server: apache
Database: sqlite
PHP version: /
ownCloud version 8.0.4
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install
Special configuration (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption): accessing it from the internet, not locally

Would be awesome if somebody could answer that. Thanks!

This is currently not possible up to the latest 9.1.x version of ownCloud. A single shared file will always end up in the directory root of the user.

Side note to this:

This version is heavily outdated / buggy, already end-of-life [1] and contains various public known security vulnerabilities [2].



Thanks. That's a bummer, makes it unusable for me then.

And thanks for the hint. It was the latest version in the QNAP app center. Should update it then.

Best regards

According to an existing issue about that [1] it seems that this was a design decision because you would also e.g. expose the parents folder name (maybe containing a sensitive name) to the receiver of the share.


Thanks for the background information. Would be nice to have an option to choose if you want the folder structure to be kept. Is there a special section where I could post such a suggestion/request?

Edit: you posted the section where I could write something. Sorry, I'm using my smartphone. Please ignore it

Please help me understand why you like to keep the structure intact. Normally people just want to find the right file at the right time which can easily be done by the file name. Also tags can be used. I guess sharing the top folder does not work as that would reveal too much other files. Understanding the why is pretty important, thanks for your effort!

Of course!

I will try to explain with an real life example

My customer/friend has a small business:
He spent hours and hours creating a folder structure with hundreds of folders and hundreds of files in it. It's super intuitive and he did a great job. He has a few employees and he want's them to use the same structure because it's so easy to find things.

The problem: His employees are not allowed to see all the files. It's no problem if they see the folder names because they do not contain any sensitive information (no customer names and stuff like that). They are allowed to see around 75% of the files in it.

He will go through every single folder in the OwnCloud webinterface and choose the files he want to share for the specific group (Employees). He doesn't want them to have to work with a webinterface and the files won't be accessible from the internet. I will install the owncloud client and thats it. Syncing it now would end up in hundreds of files in the same directory. It wouldn't be a big deal for a smart owncloud user but they love to work with folders.

Use the webinterface search: Yes, why not. But you'll have to know what you are searching for, you'll have to download the file or find it in the sync-folder and then edit it (they need visio, excel and all these tools, the owncloud version won't do the job for them). PLUS, it will make things more complicated for them. Keeping their good old folder structure AND having versioning AND Team-folders while working like they are used to (Windows Shares) would be a big plus.

I think it's Handy to keep them. You don't really need it if all your files are indexed and stuff like that. But it's nice. I personally like working with folders too and im 28 (they are 55+)

I hope that you can see the usecase. It's not a MUST HAVE. But it would be awesome to have a choice in the settings (Do you want to keep the original folder Structure? Yes/No).

Where are those folders today? SMB/CIFS/WND aka Windows Network Shares? If so, why not just mount them for each user, they would see exactly what they are allowed to see ...

They are on a PC in the Network that has to stay turned on 24/7.
It would be easier to just copy the files to a small NAS/Server.

+SMB does not offer versioning and stuff like that...

Ok, got the picture. We are planning some form of project room view for the future - one where also inheritage can be broken (access taken away from files and folders, etc.) that would fit into that concept. But its miles out, so no immediate solution for you ... if you come up with one, please let us know.