Shared administration of Public Links?


We have a use case with owncloud where our customers upload files to us for support via an “upload only” share. Both myself and my colleague can create folders and public links. We CAN view and access folders created by each other.

This works fine, but we CANNOT see any of the public links created by the other person.

When my colleague creates a folder and adds an add an “Upload Only” public link, he can see/edit the link but I only see “There are currently no link shares, you can create one”. And vice-versa if I create a link.

Is there a setting/permission/workaround which would allow both myself and my colleague to administer (view + edit) any public links created by the other - obviously without us having full admin rights.

Current version is ownCloud 10.9.1 (stable), used via the web interface

Many thanks.

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