Shared calendar objects not visible due to value of classification column

The calendar app is bothering me with shared calendars events that are by no means visible to the other users, but some others of the same calendar are visible. I checked the database values and found out that in table oc_calendarobjects there is a column named classification with values of 0 or 1. Obviously the events with classification=1 are not seen be the other users. So I changed classification for an invisible entry from 1 to 0 and voilá, there it is for the other users.

I want to point out that the value of classification does not matter for the user who created the entry, he will see every event. But if it is a shared calendar, then it does matter for the other users since they only see an event if classification is 0.
It definitely is not an upgrading issue because both kinds of events where created after the last upgrade.

My question, what is the purpose of this column named classification? And what probably went wrong here? And is it safe to just turn all 1s into 0s?
(For the shared calendar the 0:1 proportion is 24:37 and in total I have 321:3141 (!) entries…)

It turned out that it somehow was my fault - because of me not recognizing that different client apps have different standard “classifications” for newly created calendar events (and that they also could be set explicitely). Whereas classfication means public (0) or private (1) or confidental (2), and only public events are completely shown to sharing users.
And, not every client supports the confidental type.

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