Shared Calender /Group-Calendar

Hello, everybody,
we have installed the OwnCloud version 10.0.10 on a server (provider 1und1).
In previous versions, an administrator created a central calendar that was assigned to a specific group.

Now the appointments could be entered here centrally and each user had always all appointments in the overview.

Since version 10.0.10 the calendar app was generally no longer available/visible. With the update of the PHP version the calendar could be called again. However only the personal calendars are visible. These can also be released for other calendars.

But we want to set up and release central calendars again.

What do we have to do to make this possible again ?

I thank you in advance for your help…

10.0.10 (beta), are you really using a beta release in a production environment?

EDIT: I just have verified the scenario you described, everything works as expected.

The only thing to know is, that each user must accept the offered calendar-share first. This might be different from older versions.

Hello Alfred,
I had to take the subject. The calendars are for members of a voluntary fire brigade.
I was surprised on which update channel OwnCloud was configured. I changed this to “Stable Channel”.

Excuse me for asking, but how do I create a group calendar? I don’t see any settings in the general settings of OwnCloud.

In my personal calendar overview I have to create and share my own calendars.

And I can create and release a subscription. Are these then the group calendars ?

I have temporarily taken over the administration as a substitute, because the primarily responsible colleague cannot support because of illness…

Many thanks again for your help…


i can remember from my limited knowledge of older ownCloud versions that there was never a functionality of a “group” or “central” calendar available in ownCloud. AFAIK all calendars within ownCloud are always only accessible to the owner by default.

To have such a “group” calendar you probably need to:

  1. define one user as the owner of that group calendar
  2. put all users which should have access to a specific calendar into a (new) group
  3. share the created calendar of 1. to the group of 2. via the share button on the calendar overview of the owner as shown in your posted screenshot of Shared Calender /Group-Calendar
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Great! This is exactly what I did/mentioned above.

@TRI2907: Did it work for you, the way @tom42 suggested above?