Shared files download notifications



I've just setup owncloud free edition and I've setup two users.

I would like some way of tracking the following situation:

User A shares some files with User B
User B downloads the file
User A is notified of the download via email or msg in activity log.



this is currently not possible in ownCloud. You only get notifications for downloads if a "A public shared file or folder was downloaded" (see Personal settings page).


Thanks for the reply.

What about achieving this with a addon ?

Does the paid for version of owncloud offer this?



sure. You can extend ownCloud to your needs by writing an own app to support this.

No idea. Maybe some one else can answer this.


Yes and No. An internal user will normally use the desktop client which means that everything will be downloaded right away. In the audit log files of the Enterprise Edition will be additional information in this regards as its important for some compliant industries. Please help us to understand why you are looking for this information from an internal user.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

The notifications are for complaince purposes, so we have a record of each user downloading a file when its released on a certain day. This log or email notification could be kept for record purposes. It would also be great if the owner or admin of the shared folder would be notified if one of the users uploaded a new file.

We plan to have a small group of users, maybe 50 max using the web based version only.
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