Shared Hoster - Automatic App Updates possible?


I have my owncloud installed at a Shared Hosting Provider. It mostly works well, but I received, as many of you I guess, this E-Mail from owncloud about Security Issues where I can read that soem Apps need to be updated.

That - I know- SHAME ON ME - was the first Time that App-Updates came to my mind. I downloaded the APP-Zip´s from the Market Place, unpacked them on my Windows-Machine and uploaded that via FTP to the /App/… - Folder of my Installation. After that, the Apps are shown in the latest Version.

Is there a way to get Updates for installed (activated and/or not activated) Apps ideally automatically without any Action from my Site or by manually pressing a “Button” or is the only way for me the one I described above?

Thank You!


i don’t think that automatic app updates are possible or currently available.

But for my ownCloud 10.13.3 installation i’m getting email notifications that app updates are available and in the GUI the notification is available as well.

Once there is an update for an app available i’m able to update them via the Market app directly in the GUI without the need to download and upload a .zip file manually.

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Thank you!

Can you point me, where in the GUI you are seeing the notifications?
I see a notification for new OC-Version in the General-Tab but not for Apps…


as i currently don’t have any app updates outstanding i hope it is enough to say that the notification for app updates are shown on the upper right corner of my ownCloud GUI. If a notification is available i’m getting a small bell there with a link over which i can update the app in question directly from within the GUI.

Based on another comment in Shared Hosting - Owncloud Updater - 10.13.3 not showing - #5 by TJ.Hooker74 could it be possible that you don’t have the Market App installed / enabled at all? I think this could be required for getting notifications and updates directly in the GUI.

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