Shared Hosting - Owncloud Updater - 10.13.3 not showing


I have my owncloud installed at a Shared Hosting Provider. It mostly works well, but I received, as many of you I guess, this E-Mail from owncloud about Security Issues, where I can read that any Version below 10.13.3 is insecure.

When I got to SETTINGS - GENERAL - UPDATER it tells me, that the latest Version is installed (I´m on “stable”), but a little lower I can read that ist installed and I know that 10.13.3.x is available.

Why does the Updater not show this Version? Or when will ist show this Version?
(Yes, I can do a manual Update, but I would like…)

Thank you!

Updating the notification is a manual task, which takes some time. (days weeks …)
But I think meanwhile it should be done, due to its increased importance.

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Today (2023-12-06) V10.13.3 is shown by the Updater.


i would always recommend to use the manual upgrade way described by the ownCloud people below once an update is available. From what i have read in the past the updater never worked really reliable. :frowning:

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Thank You!

The manual-upgrade-way was what I did in the past, but the Updater works for me.
(…but now, as I look closer into it, it seems, that the Updater updates OC Core but not installed Apps,
what, as far as I understood, would be the Case when doing a manual Update).


i can remember from the past that i have seen something like "Updating app from marketplacewhen callingocc upgrade`. This seems to also match what is shown in the output the ownCloud people are givinv here:

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