Shared links after domain change

now i have a big owncloud Shared site. morethan 300GB
if i lost the domain then how can i restore the same shared links with doamin change only ?
for example: the shared link is:

how to keep it like this with domain change only for same files ?
if all link will change its problem so i will change all shared links for thousands files but if the domain will change only its become easy .

sorry for my bad english

The shared links are not related to the domain at all. The shared links are saved in your database and are still valid if you e.g. migrate your data and database to another server having a different domain.

not sure if i understand you right, but the links actually stay the "same" if you change the domain name - so lets assume you shared this one with the old domain:
then you change the domain used for the server, the link should work unter the new domain:

atleast it worked for us during domain name change with version 8.1.x

sorry i canr explain right.

i mean now i have a domain with owncloud service and i have alot of shared files.

now i want to do new domain with new own cloud service in another web hosting provider.

and i will upload all same files and folders.

now if i do this the links of shared files will be change .. so i want to keep this links without change .. the domain will change its no problem but the links after domain i want to keep it without change

This is only possible within ownCloud if you migrate your existing installation including your database to the new server as explained in the documentation [1]. There might be other ways like doing rewrites within your webserver but thats probably more advanced.