Shared resources calendar


We are using owncloud calendar and need a way to manage shared resources like our meeting room. We tried making a calendar for the meeting room and that works ok, but it requires everyone to schedule their appointment in the meetingroom calendar.

then we thought of another approach. Create a meeting room user and mark that meeting room user as an attendee to the meeting. Then share the meetingroom user's calendar with everyone. This kind of works but there is 2 downsides.

  1. it requires the events to be scheduled in the owncloud app for it to work. inviting from an external calendar client emails an invite to the meeting user, but requires it to somehow be accepted to be entered into the calendar.

  2. the users will see the meeting twice on their calendar, once for their own appointment and once from the shared meetingroom user's appointment.

I can live with no. 2 but I'd like to find a way around no. 1. I was thinking it might be possible to make a procmail script on the meetingroom user's email server that just scans incoming emails for calendar invite emails, and auto adds them to the users ownCloud calendar.

Has anyone tried this approach? is it even possible to script scheduling an event in an ownCloud calendar?

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The caldav backend in ownCloud can be accessed with any caldav client lib you like. So it should be possible to write a script fulfilling your needs.