ShareLink Errors


please may i request your help on this.

I have stumbled across an issue im having with my Owncloud when sharing a file/Folder via link.

  1. Once you share a link of a File/Folder you are not able to unshare link. Option is greyed out.
  2. Once you share a file via link the user gets the email notification, but the moment you click on the link direction, it leads you to the second error Owncloud Page.

I have attached the errors i am getting. I have no idea how to get around this or fix it.

My current O.C version is 7.04 Stable
Server: Ubuntu 14.04lts

Please HELP

Thank you



if this is really ownCloud 7.0.4 then it seems you’re running a way outdated version. Maybe you can start with a fresh installation of the current 10.0.9 and try again?