Sharing calendar and tasks seperately


I have a family installation and share calendars. Works fine. Now I want to use them for tasks as well.

Now, I don’t need the owncloud tasks app since each calendar is able to hold tasks as well, right? (it seems oc-tasks is abandoned anyhow)

Now I want to share calendar and tasks seperately. I want to share the calendar, without the tasks inside this calendar. Did I miss anything, or is this really not possible to do??

Is is possible to create a calendar without an associated task list?

As an alternative, i want to hide some task list on the phone. Example, davx5 syncs my calendar to wife’s phone, but I want to hide my task account. Reason: Wife shall see my calendar, but I don’t want to clutter her her task list with my tasks. And she should not be able to (by mistake) create her tasks on my list.

This should not be a way to safely hide things from her. But if it gets too complicated (and showing task lists she does not need is confusing), she won’t use it.

What I searched until now.
Owncloud - tried to create calendar without tasks. no way found to do this
Davx5 - exclude tasks sync from a calendar. no way found to do this on Android - deactivate a task list from being processed by the app. no way found to do this.

Any ideas?

No. AFAIK every calendar can contain both, events and tasks as well. But nobody forces you to have your tasks in a separate calendar.

But nobody forces you to have your tasks in a separate calendar.

yes of course. But if I have them in the same calendar, the tasks are shared together with the calendar (which I want to avoid) and anyone who has my calendar shared can see, create and edit tasks for me (which I want to avoid).
I want to share my calendar, but not my tasks.

But thanks for the info.

How about sharing events in calendar A and managing tasks in unshared calendar B?
OK, you still have to care to not insert any task into the shared calendar A.

BTW, you could declare your tasks as private, if your client supports it. Then your tasks will not be visible in a shared calendar.

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