Sharing External Link with Customers and Confirmation by name

I need a confirmation from a user when he downloads a file (external Link). I can only see that somebody downloaded the file but not who. Is that possible to get these information?

For Example:
A user receives a Mail with a link, now he has to write his name in a Dialog Box. After he confirmed with his name the donwload process will start.

Now I will know who downloaded the file...hope you understand what i mean...

If not don't hesitate to contact me again :slight_smile:

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There is a longer issue on github (milestone was set for OC 9.2):


i think that feature request at github won't match this requirement:

However how should that be possible? If the user is an external user that user is unknown to ownCloud. You would have to implement some external authentication mechanism like github, facebook, twitter or OpenID to be able to know who downloaded that file.

Or when you automatically send download link to users, OC creates individual links for everyone (what if someone forwards the mail supposing the link is the same for everybody?).