Sharing files that "physically" are no longer on the Server problems o_O



Good morning :wink:
another day, another problem with our OC 9.0.4, PHP-Fpm 5.6 on Centos7.

We disables encryption yesterday (https://central.owncl...110/3) in order to have access to all documents on our server when needed. While decrypting and disabling the encryption we realized, that we were not able to decrypt all files with the recovery key or with the users password by using the occ encryption:decrypt(-all) command.

Now trying to recover some of the not readable/encrypted files by searching versions or asking users to check their offline-folders, some of them share the original folder with all files - but wonder what - the files don't even exist on the server! An occ files:scan let the files disappear.

Now of course all users are quite concerned regarding their files...
How comes that some of the users still see files that don't even exist anymore and how to prevent such behaviour?
Should we add cronjobs for occ files:scan and such?


If they still have the shared original files in their folder, they should stop the sync client, that the deletion command is not propagated. They can move the files out of their owncloud folder and once everything is restored, they can sync it again.

Did you delete the files you couldn't decrypt?


Hey @tflidd,

thanks for your answer. No unfortunately they did not have the files offline but they saw them on their OC webinterface and shared them there.

Yes, we kept backups of all encrypted files and tried to decrypt them ny re-activating encryption on the server and using the occ encryption:decrypt command with different users without success.

In order to not disturb the production I would love to find a way to decrypt them without enabling and disabling every time server encryption...


If it is possible for you: I would restore a ownCloud from backup on a separate setup. Then you can figure out, how to decrypt the files properly. Specific error messages would be very helpful to debug the problem in your original topic. Without specific errors, it is hard to tell what is going wrong.

In the mean time, you can clean your running system and re-establish the service. You can copy files back once you managed to restore them.


Ok thanks. It's as simple as the error message after running an occ encryption:decrypt username sais:

For the following users files can not be decrypted:
- username

I'll try to put up a testing owncloud in order to test everything :wink:


You can make occ talking:
occ -vvvv encryption:decrypt username

Also have a look into your owncloud-logfile: /path/to/owncloud/data/owncloud.log


Ok, well. The issue seems not to be the encryption!

It was a trailing whitespace at the end of a folder that lead to the whole mess!

Unter windows whitepsaces at the beginning or end can not be used so as everytime someone wanted to download a file, webdav said that the file doesn't exist and even locally no one was able to access files ^^ funny story, but sad that we lost 3 days searchin g for such a small issue ^^ :cherries: