Sharing folder readonly problem : delete is possible


I have a problem (perhaps a bad config)

I share a folder with a admin user and i want it readonly for a basic user. When a share, i unchecked “can edit” but the basic user can hide this folder. This a problem for me, can i block this ?


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Hey @claudio83,

have you accidentally missed to fill in the required information starting from “Expected behavior”?


ok sorry !

Expected behaviour : the folder must be read-only for the basic user but it can be delete.

My interface is in french, i join two screenshots in another post. The first represent the admin share and the second the basic user can be delete and stop sharing. For me it’s not good.

thank’s a lot to help me.

This is not correct. The basic user simply can deny the offered share, what IMHO is a very useful feature, maybe not for you but in general. The share is not deleted nor is sharing stopped, it’s just hidden, because it is unwanted by the user.

If this doesn’t cover your requirements, you should create a feature request at the core repo.


Hi @claudio83

i post that here as support for that what @alfredb has just said
“This is not correct. The basic user simply can deny the offered share”

first Photo : admin offers user1 a share :

second Photo : user1 has declined the share folder from admin ,but it’s still existing , i mean , it wasn’t deleted for admin

ist that ,what you mean ?

this Feature is very good , as user i don’t want all shared files ,that others share with me but i can’t delete their shares either " it is not ethical :wink: "