Sharing internally within owncloud

hi there, I currently ran into a problem, I can't manage to be able to search for other users to share files. I try to share to other users on my own owncloud by typing in their username. But owncloud returns the error "no users or groups found for ***". How can I solve this problem.

My server runs on Ubuntu server 16.04, https secured. It's owncloud 9. I recently enabled memcached for the server with APCu. The server only runs about 10 people so it's very small.

thanks in advance for helping me out!

Were the users created in ownCloud or are they taken from an LDAP Server?

Also, what are you typing in the share box? Depending on what you setup, different results may occur. For example, if the share box only accepts cn, you won't find anyone when typing in their given name, or surname. Try out what works for you

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