Sharing option not available and ownCloud icon not showing in sidebar

I am on mac OS 10.13.4 and ownCloud desktop app Version 2.4.1 (build 9367) and have following issue:

  1. right-hand click on a folder in Finder (ownCloud folder) doesn't show the sharing menu which used to show up there. Is this a bug as customers of mine have same issue in latest build.

  2. the ownCloud icon (ownCloud logo) in sidebar in Finder doesn't show anymore.

All feedback most welcome...especially for point 1

Hey @rosner, thanks a bunch for reporting this! How did you install that version of the client? Was it an update by any chance? Have you checked whether rebooting the system solves the issue? And a clean installation?

Also; could you open Activity on your macOS and verify a process by the name "ownCloud Extensions" is running? Thanks!

Hi and thanks a bunch for your answer. In fact I now realised that both machines on which this happened were restored from a clone and ownCloud didn't seems to want to ad the right-hand click sharing option in Finder and also not show the ownCloud icon in the sidebar. I solved it by uninstalling and re-installaing the ownCloud Desktop app as a restart didn't solve the issue.

Could there be another workaround?