Sharing public links

How sharing public links and guest users, and lifetime of the link?
Probably without registration and authorization of the users.
On ownCloud 10.0.8 (stable)

Could this be due to the fact that I’m using a basic license?

PrtSc link

You can create a public link and give it an expiration date or no expiration date. It‘s up to you. Just click on the sharing symbol next to the file name on the right side of the web interface.

Guest users are users who don‘t have an account. You invite them via E-Mail and they can acces your ownCloud without an account. You will need the guests app for that.

How? Where?:slight_smile:
The Guests I have installed

Did you had a look at the documentation before writing here?

The bear share of those can be easily answered by the stuff that is in the docs.

I have the Guests app installed, but I do not have the ability to do this, because when I click Share, I do not have enough menu options.

are you the admin in this case?

is this a shared file?

are you the owner of this file?

please check your sharing configuration, it’s in admin - settings - sharing

I work as a standard user “owncloud”, created by the system, and other users who own the rights of the owner of folders and files.
Maybe I have a problem in the settings, screenshot.

Sharing started after the application was turned on:
“External user support”
“Share Files”
Tnx all.