Sharing streaming

I'm searching for a place where I can find a steaming app that support IOS.
IT exits out there if you pay for the OwnCloud'S Plans.
But I'm only one user that has OwnCloud who want to share his video with his Family.
IOS, not flash, HTML5 Exactly like Google drive ETC...
Can someone please help me any help will be appreciated!!!!!

I want to mention that I've install it inside Frernas as an add on jail

Streaming of videos shared by link should be already working flawlessly on recent oC versions (e.g. 9.1.3) without any issue as long as your browser is supporting the video format of the shared file:

Thanks I've seen the table from unkown reason it doesn't work
any suggestions?

Then its most likely that your browser is not supporting the video format of the video you're sharing.

.mp4 sould work on safari according to the table on an iphone??

MP4 is just a container format, which contains various different codecs:

This is a common misunderstanding / issue when facing such issues. Overall the streaming works and is most likely related to a video/audio codec within this container which is not supported by your browser.

However you might also want to have a look at this FAQ containing an additional hint which cause another issue:

Thanks I"ll check it out;)

The ownCloud iOS app will have video streaming build in latest by end of March, likely already with 5.3.4.

Nice to hear!! Thanks