Show absolute path in mail notifications

Hi all,

we would like to display the path for file activites in email notifications.
Something like this:
" User XYZ shared example.txt in /yourshare/subfolder/subfolder "

The default email templates only show the filename by using the variable [‘filename’].
Is there something like [‘directoryname’] or how can we achive this?


Version: ownCloud 9.1.8


i did the following test on my ownCloud 10.0.9:

  1. Create a file test/test.txt
  2. Edit the file test/test.txt and save it
  3. Wait until the activity mail arrives

The result was that i got an email stating the following:

Hello xxx,

You are receiving this email because the following things happened at ownCloud

You changed test/test.txt - Today at 20:26:46