Show lost password link on ownCloud login screen


I am using owncloud version 10.0.10. Normally, when the user enters the wrong password, the password reset address appears. I want the password reset address on the login screen, not when the wrong password is entered. Is it possible to do this?

Is there someone to help with this topic?


there is no config option to do this.

You can probably build a theme and integrate what you want in to that theme.

Can you explain why you want the password reset option on your login screen before the user entered his password wrong?

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Thank you for answer

We use OpenLdap service for our Owncloud password. We have approximately 1000 users. Users are required to change their passwords periodically (eg 6 months). Therefore, it will be easier for users to have the password renewal address on the login screen.

I don’t know much about php configuration. Is it possible to do this file?



Thank you for the explanation.

since this, as you would agree, a very custom configuration, I don’t expect that people here would know how to do this. But, best of luck to you :slight_smile:

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Have you tried this:

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