Show server space available

it's possible to show in admin page or similar, the global server free space available ?
Or it's required an external app ?
Or is possible to modify admin page ....



this is not possible so moving to the feature request category.

A feature request to show the used space is available here:

A temporary solution that may work for you would be to install Juice SSH and then JuiceSSH Performance Plugin to see in a simplisic view, the disk usage and a few other handy statistics. I've been using it for years. FYI.

Hello Guys and Girls,
this is a really old post, but it seems that it is still relevant to me :slight_smile: .

Any way to see in the ownlcoud the available disk space form the server? i have the version 10.0.9 , and I belive feature/enhancement is not implemented yet.

A workaround is also good.


The mentioned issue is still open, and I don’t know of a solution.

All you can see, is the space against your quota, if any.

You are using 6.2 MB of 1 GB (0.61 %)

thanks for the reply @alfredb… but so far , we do not use quotas as a standard, so it is not shown as you just pasted.
is there a known workarownd for this issue?

I’ m afraid no, unless someone is writing an app for this.

Hi Guys!

I need to know the available disk space form the server or some stats about users “Quotas”.
I asign quota 0 to all users right now. Then I have assigned 10GB to the user admin and share the admin folders with other users.

Why the occupied space on the server is more than 20GB?

Can anybody help me?
Thank you in advance.

I don’t think this frees any already assigned storage.

You also might have kept file-versions and/or deleted files.

Hi Alfredb
Thanks for your support.
That´s true the (quota 0) doesn´t frees the assigned storage.
File-versions and/or deleted files that was the problem.

Thank you so much XD