Single user owncloud

Hi, I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction with this, perhaps there’s a tutorial?

Here’s my scenario:
I am a single user (but my family of four may require acess eventually)
I do some winforms C# coding stuff, so have a bit of tech background.
I have a windows 10 based computer at home which has a 1TB HDD unused. I’d like to be able to share the drive (easy enough on local network) and access it via a URL i.e. my own 1 TB cloud.

I’ve read the owncloud deployment documentation and it gives three scenarios for different size installations. I guess my query is is there an easy option for install for a personal cloud?
thanks very much for help.

Perhaps docker or a VM is the way to go. Thanks,

I’ve made a lot of progress setting up owncloud using docker and now have owncloud available on localhost, which is great.
My next task is to share a folder on the local HDD in my machine, but I’m stuck on how to progress that.
I have looked in the external storage page in owncloud and there are various options in the add storage dropdown. As I’m using docker (and new to that) I guess I’ll need to set up and configure webdav on my machine in order to make the local drive available in owncloud, is that right?
thanks for help.

not one to give up, but trying to add in additional storage to ownclod as a share in docker, is pretty much opaque, so I’ll try owncloud in a VM in the future perhaps.
Thanks for help.

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