Slow syncing of files

Hello everyone, everything good?
Some days I have tried to solve a problem of slowness in the sychronization of small xml files, however in a great amount.

I use 100mb of internet speed, but even so it is levanda quanse 6 days to synchronize 910mb of files. there's something wrong. But I can not figure out what. See the attached image for example.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Luke, everything is good here, how are you?

It would be helpful if you would take a look at your log files.

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here is how you get to the log files

Thank you Dimitry,
He was having trouble finding it.
Is attached.

what kind of database do you use?

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I am using mysql.

Thank you very much in advance

I just started an upload of 100k files (1.74 GB in total) and the first 5k files took 05:37 Minutes. Sync client estimates it will need ~2h for the other 95k files.

oC client 2.3.2 runs in a VM with 2 virtual processor cores and 2GB of memory, with regular DSL internet connection.

oC server 10.0.3 runs on smallest Digitalocean droplet, but this won't be enough if multiple user would access the same oC instance.

If your upload takes days, you need to check for bottlenecks on the server side.

ownCloud plans to support HTTP2 on the server and in the clients. This will bundle many small files to improve performance:

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