Slow Sync for LAN-based ownCloud Client -> Server

Hey Guys -

I set up ownCloud 10 in containers this morning and am syncing to it using my desktop client now. The folder is ~40gb of data and does include many files, however; it has only synced 1gb over the past 3-4 hours. Both the workstation and the container are connected via a gigabit switch and uploading files to the host is much faster than the speed the sync is operating at.

To note, my client is configured to access it via which goes through an NGINX reverse proxy hosted on the same system as the client. I have also verified that it is not going out to the internet as I have a hosts entry on the PC to point to the local IP which I verified with a tracert. The NGINX conf file converts to which is local.

I tried a workaround of uploading files to the “files” folder via SCP then setting permissions to match other synced files, but they didn’t appear in the web console so deleted them.

I looked in owncloud.log, but the only two entries are from when I mistyped my credentials when initially logging into the web interface.

Any suggestions? I didn’t know if there were some tweaks I could use.


Size shouldn’t be the problem. Could you tell us more about the number of files you’re syncing?

I played a bit a while ago:

When you use SCP, you’d need to use the occ files:scan to update the database:

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