Slowness of owncloud

Good morning guys,
In the last period, with the increase in temperatures, I noticed a reduction in the upload speed of my cloud (The cloud is installed on raspberry model B, the raspberry also mounts the dissipators), Instead the speed of my internet network has remained unchanged.
Now the question is:
Should I buy a raspberry heatsink or do I have to do other checks to verify the speed of data loading / unloading?

Hi nemo,
I think most people will say that if a computer is running at a higher temperature than it's designed to operate at, you can see performance issues. However I'd have to as if you can say what temperatures are being reported.

You say the speed of the network hasn't changed. What tools have you used to monitor / check this with? Also are you noticing the changes in speed with the same file or different size & types of files?

To monitor the speed of the network I rely on the tools available on the internet ...
I say that it's varied because on my cloud I usually upload photos (sonon a photographer) the same number of files (so about 100 photos) all jpg files and not reworked (the weight can vary but few MB do not speak of several GBs) If before the good season he put us at the mass 15 min ... now he puts us from 30 to 50 min ...

Would you say the upload and download speeds have stayed the same? Do you upload and download from the same location?

Is your storage on the rasberryPi or somewhere else?

Edit : Have you also checked the performance of your server? Is it maxed out on RAM or processor usage?

Owncloud is installed on raspberry 3, loading and unloading from the same network (however it happens that I download data from different networks to the home network but generally charge the data from the one I use at home)

Have you checked the speeds/performance/capacity of whatever the data stores are on?

Can you also post the logs from your owncloud?

It doesn't sound like it's an issue with your owncloud install. It does sound like it's a network issue. Also have you done any upgrades on your owncloud install recently?

Update about every 30 days .. what log would you like?

Are you running version 9 or 10?

The logs which can be found in the admin --> logs section?

Are you able to post the internet speeds from from your install and also from the severs where your data is stored?

"At rest" from me:

PING 25ms, download 27.76Mbps, upload 20.06Mbps.

If I try to upload files on the cloud (I use the version of owncloud):

PING 25ms, download 28.81Mbps, upload 16.86Mbps.

I uploaded 50 files to the cloud for a total volume of 600mb in about 20 minutes

Hmmm. Okay. With that ping and that speed I would have expected transfer times to be about 10 minutes.

Are you loading the files via the web based interface or by a desktop or mobile client?

I'm loading file Via web

If you just try uploading 5 - 10 files do you experience the same transfer speeds?

It always puts us a little bit of time, clearly not the 30 min that takes us for 50 files but the 10 mins are exceeded

Hmmmm. I’m interested to know if you can try transferring some files and let me know what the http process goes too. I know on my install if I transfer more than say 5 files my server http process gets high and can slow things down.

I’d probably also suggest making sure your raspberry pi is not running too hot, so perhaps also the additional heat sinks might not be a bad thing.

Now the problem is another ... if I log in, it enters my owncloud but I do not see any uploaded files, the screen remains white (but I can move in the settings menu)