SMB/CIFS External Storage $user AD

Dear All,

I have installed Nextcloud 13.0.1 on Debian 8
I have integrated it with an Active Directory
We have a storage NAS to the user home.

Each user has a home inside a directory named with the first letter of his login
For example :

This is my config for external storage :

Instead of $user I tried to put in subfolder for example /a/apollon, or /a/$user but it doesn’t work even if I’m logged in as apollon.

Is there a way to configure an external storage for this configuration with a directory named with the first letter of the user login ?

PS : After some tests it works well if all users directories are at the root of my external storage, but it’s not possible for my company to change this directory configuration….

Thanks for the help !!

I think only support for ownCloud is given in this forums. Maybe you should see if you can find a support forums for Nextcloud?

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