Solid Explorer Connection Error

I'm trying to connect to owncloud with Solid Explorer, but I'm getting an error when the app is trying to connect.
I'm just using the path to owncloud folder, my username and password.

Does anyone knows if it's a bug or how to connect properly to owncloud using Solid Explorer?

Thanks in advance

Probably worth a try to ask the app developer for some help.

Hi @guireif, I've managed to connect the Solid Explorer v2.2.8 with ownCloud v2.4.0 by using Storage manager option. Here you have an screenshot.

Which ownCloud and Solid Explorer versions are you using? Have you filled all the info properly? I mean the server, port number and credentials.

Hi @davigonz, thank you a lot for the reply.
I managed to connect also. I guess it's a problem with the SSL certificate on my server.
It's working perfectly now. ownCloud is great!

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