[SOLVED] Activate Php opcache on owncloud server

Good evening to all, i have a question for my installation ( server on ubuntu 20.04LTS) is beneficial to activate php opcache? If yes there is an howto for tuning parameters on php.ini? I have just in production redis and apcu. Thanks in advance on help!

Hi Malvivent72,

opcache should be enabled by default, if you didn’t change anything in your PHP configuration. This is a PHP internal cache and does not require to be configured within ownCloud.

I guess you already enabled APCu and Redis in your config.php. For most installations it turned out best to use APCu for memcache.local and Redis for memcache.distributed and memcache.locking

See the documentation for further insights:

Thanks @cortho i see as soon as i posted my topic that opcache is activated as default… i have exactly configured cache like the admin_manual. Thanks anyway for responding me!! I put SOLVED on topioc.

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