[SOLVED] Can’t see LDAP users in their respective groups

Hi all.

I’m currently installing the Owncloud server for my company. I’m using v9.1.5. with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (I tried to use the latest version but had problems with the LDPA app, it didn’t showed up, but with this version it works fine).

But I’m having a strange problem with the LDAP group users…the connection to AD is working fine, when I go to the users page I can see all users without any problem (in “Everyone”) and the AD groups also appear listed but if I click in any of the groups, the AD users simply won’t show up in their respective groups…

Am I doing something wrong or only the local created owncloud users appear in the groups? I’m a bit confused…

Thanks in advanced.

Hey, i think it doesn’t make any sense to build a fresh install on such an outdated and end of life version like 9.1.5. The ldap app for 10.0 seems to be available via the marketplace: https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/user_ldap

It’s my first experience with ownCloud, I did tried the v10.0.8 first but it had issues with one of Ubuntu’s security module (AppArmor), I read the documentation and followed the instructions to resolve the problem (removing AppArmor and installing SELinux) but it doesn’t work…Ubuntu crashes every time I reboot after AppArmor removal.

So I looked around the forums and found out that some people who updated from 9.1.x versions to v10.0.x lost the LDAP function, that’s why I’m using the 9.1.5 version.

It’s working OK, I’m just trying to understand why the users from AD groups don’t show up in their respective groups in ownCloud User’s page…they all appear in ‘Everyone’ and the users that are created locally too, but that’s it…is this normal in ownCloud or I’m missing something?

I’ve found what was wrong!

In the LDAP configuration, in ‘Advanced/Directory Settings’, In the dropbox “Group-Member association” I had 'uniqueMember" instead of ‘member (AD)’ selected, as soon as I changed it, the users appeared in their respective groups.

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