[SOLVED] GUI vs command line installation

Hi community!

OS = Ubuntu 16.04.2
ownCloud version : latest (10.x)
Application and data on the same machine

I'm struggling with a strange ERR500 when trying to access my (previously working) ownCloud instance. I've tried to apply some procedures to secure the previous installation (setting iptables and files access rights) and broke the whole stuff!

I'm now thinking of deleting the whole application which has been installed with the GUI wizard: setup-owncloud.php. Browsing through the web, I've found that some packages are already available for my OS but I have to install the previous oc version (9.x). Thus the two questions:
- will I be able to upgrade to oc 10.x in a standard way once installed by the command line?
- when installed from the command line, where does oc run from? I was able to install with the wizard in the directory of choice (/httpdocs/oc) but don't see any setting to do so with the command line...
- in case I cannot select the target directory, where does ownCloud install in that case?

So what's the best way to install: GUI or command line?

Thanks in advance for any help!

why not install 10.x right away? see https://owncloud.org/install/#edition for all the options you have

there is no difference in installing via cli or browser - the cloud is accessible whereever the web space is hosted from
(with cli install you might need to adjust one or two configs in config/config.php)

if you follow our docs there is no need in selecting a target folder


Hi DeepDiver!

Actually I had to reinstall the whole stuff (down to server formatting), put Redis + phpRedis again through command line (which went well this time) and used the genuine OC procedure to install the tool. I managed to tick all steps of this procedure, deciding where to put the code and the data, so this case is solved now!

Ok, I've lost 2 hours more, but now I understand what I did, which is priceless! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

PS: don't know how to edit the title to [SOLVED]...

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