[SOLVED] Installed config vs. sample config




I’m trying to understand how to configure the server with installed config.php vs. config.sample.php. I saw somewhere that you should not just replace the config.php with config.sample.php as it could break your installation.

With that said, how do you go about finalizing the configuration config.php? It seem there are many items that need setting or do you only need to set items from config.sample.php in the config.php if you need to override default values like versions_retention_obligation or some other setting?

Does ownCloud 10.1.0 use defaults if not set in config.php or do I need to ready through the config.sample.php and copy/paste directives into the config.php to have all features setup correctly like versions_retention_obligation for instance?

  • Mike


Did you consider reading the documentation at doc.owncloud.com?



It may sound silly, I could not figure out where the entry point was to get started, so I posted here.

I’ll review the link provided.




from what i know everything in the config.sample.php are the defaults used by ownCloud. So e.g. there is the following in the config.sample.php:

'version.hide' => false,

While it doesn’t hurt to copy it over to the config.php it doesn’t make much sense as ownCloud is using the “false” anyway. You would only need to copy this over to the config.php if you want to set the default of “false” to “true”.


Oh, see that’s what I was trying to figure out. If they are all defaults then the simple config.php provided should be fine for now. If I wanted to override a default setting then I can copy the directive to the active configuration. That make more sense.