[SOLVED] OPENID and desktop client app

Hi to all and thanks in advance for your great job on Owncloud.
I’m writing after having correctly configured openid connection between my OC installation and keycloak instance; all correctly works together. I have a strange behavior on desktop client that correctly detect OIDC advertised by the server through the well-known rewriterule in .htaccess file. The client redirect the user on login to keycloak obtaining authorization to enter on the server web page (so far so good) but never return to the calling-client leaving it on a waitingloop state (i attach a screenshot). What can i do to resolve issue? Thanks

What version? Please try with the 2.9 pre-release client:
2.9 | download.owncloud.com

You can try login also with our testing server for comparison:
( user: einstein | pw: relativity )

Here you can check the Keycloak config for this server:
( user: admin | pw: admin)

Here you can find more information:
Continuous Deployment | ownCloud

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Thanks for your reply, with your installation my client (that is 2.8.2 build 4246) works as expected. But the config in config.php i think is missing or i misunderstood the correct way to configure access for desktop clients. This is my snip of config.php
‘openid-connect’ =>
array (
‘loginButtonName’ => ‘Login with Keycloak’,
‘provider-url’ => ‘https://XXXXXXXXXXX/auth/realms/cgiler_test’,
‘post_logout_redirect_uri’ => ‘https://XXXXXXXXXX/logout’,
‘mode’ => ‘email’,
‘insecure’ => true,
‘client-id’ => ‘octest’,
‘client-secret’ => ‘aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddddd-eeeeeee’,

this is the only section for openidconnect and in my keycloak i added a second client-id for desktop client as mentioned in web instructions.

What happens in the browser after you logged into Keycloak ? It should look like this:

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with the server mentioned https://ocis.ocis-keycloak.released.owncloud.works/ exactly same as your image… I dont know what is wrong

How does it look on your ownCloud / Keycloak?

Thanks for your response, but my question is i must put in the config.php of owncloud one client-id for web acces and one for client access?

I have made some progress, now i receive “Invalid client secret” in response from server and it’s correct because owncloud desktop client land on keycloak with a different clientId that i have configured but where i put client-secret? Thanks in advance but i think that i’m really near to resolve the problem

You can import ocis/desktop_client.json at master · owncloud/ocis · GitHub

Thanks for your response, but my client is like your. The problem is where i put the client-secret that i have in keycloak for the desktop client? I cant figure how and i cant find anything to resolve the problem (i think it’s my last problem)
This is my keycloak’s configuration for client desktop

The secret needs to be “UBntmLjC2yYCeHwsyj73Uwo9TAaecAetRwMw0xYcvNL9yRdLSUi0hUAHfvCHFeFh” in Keycloak. This can be achieved only by importing. If you import the file I linked, it will be right. You cannot change it on the Desktop Client side.

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[SOLVED] PERFECT!!! I dont understand in your previous message that i must use the “SECRET” mentioned. So far so good…

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