[solved] PageController does not exist


I am developing a small App and have it already running in OC Installing and activating within a new OC runs through without errors. But when I want to enter this app, I get following error message and do not know why:

Exception: {"Exception":"OCP\\AppFramework\\QueryException","Message":"Could not resolve OCA\\OwnCollab_GanttChart\\Controller\\PageController! Class OCA\\OwnCollab_GanttChart\\Controller\\PageController does not exist"

The file pagecontroller.php lies in the folder lib/controller and is registered to the coresponding namespace and extends the controller class

namespace OCA\OwnCollab_GanttChart\Controller;

use OCP\IRequest;
use OCP\AppFramework\Http\TemplateResponse;
use OCP\AppFramework\Http\DataResponse;
use OCP\AppFramework\Controller;

class PageController extends Controller {

As I mentioned the same code is already running on an instance.

Any ideas, what the problem might be?



Does no one has a hint what the problem might be?

Hi There,
Did you find any solution for that?
I am trying to create a new app. I am getting the same error.