[solved] Problem sharing public link after accessing a file via 'Favorites'

I ran into this issue yesterday -

  1. login to owncloud ( on Ubuntu 14.04)
  2. Select ‘Favorites’
  3. Navigate to a sub-folder
  4. upload a file
  5. create a public link to the file
    ==> The public link actually opens the original folder that was marked as a ‘Favorite’ instead of the file that I intended to share.

If I follow the same process without using ‘Favorites’, the public link behaves as expected.

This issue is not present in Nextcloud

Please report such issues directly to the bugtracker at [1] where developers are noticing this.


Had a quick try with 9.1.4 but couldn't reproduce.

A full bug report with all enabled apps could help.


I've posted an issue in github:

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I am unable to replicate this problem after rebooting my workstation.

I believe it was a temporary problem caused by instability in my browser (which occasionally happens to me on my daytime workstation).