Some files have not passed the integrity check + slow owncloud

Hello. I have just installed owncloud 10.04 and I have some problems. My server is on Linux (debian 8.9) using LAMP.
1. Some files have not passed the integrity check
Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • core
      • .user.ini

Raw output

[core] => Array
[.user.ini] => Array
[expected] => 0a557e3cdca4c2e3675deed761d79d109011dcdebbd9c7f6429f1d3476938ec95729543d7384651d1d0c48e26c5024cc5f517445920915a704ea748bdb903c5f
[current] => 4cf06f89b478cb49f5749ef523ee90d35ddb14be20857a763d26a8068d6c5407d0dea82fe966becd6f3a0b88ac4e54dfb22c55e3e5bb87431e96a8f98d0e6102




I copied the original file index.php and the messenge is still there.

  1. Owncloud is slow. In browser, Android app. Before that I had Owncloud 7 and it was faster. When i give somebody a link to download from my server the download speed is under 1 MB/S. With owncloud 7 was 8 MB/S. How can I fix those problems?

Ok. I've managed to resolve the first problem (INVALID_HASH)
I still have the second problem. Inside my LAN network everything is fine. Uploading downloading is 30-40 MB/S. But outsite my network the download/upload speed is very low (500 KB/S).
I have installed speedtest-cli on my server and run the test:
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 497.64 Mbits/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 58.71 Mbits/s
So the internet connection works fine.
The server si odroid xu4 running dietpi
I'm using a LAMP configuration.
Please help :frowning:

Hi @livium2000, do you remember how you solved the first problem? I have the same…

This question was already answered multiple times, e.g. in Code integrity check errors

In short: extract the file .user.ini from your original tarball or zip and overwrite this file in your ownCloud.installation.

Alternatively, if you made changes to .user.ini which are there for a good reason, you may exclude this file from the integrity check, see the sample configuration:

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