Some folders with cyrillic names are ignored

For several weeks my desktop client ignores the main folders with cyrillic names and all they contain. This issue is only for one of the users. Other two have no problems.
Interestingly some folders, again with cyrillic names, were synced after I renamed the folder they were in.

Expected behaviour

Sync all folders and files within to the server and from the server

Actual behaviour

The client shows the folder as ignored with issue: “The filename cannot be encoded on your system.”

Steps to reproduce

  1. Rename folder …\ownCloud\Представяне to “Presentation”
  2. All files in it are uploaded
  3. Rename again to “Представяне”
  4. Client logs “Folder Presentation - deleted”
  5. In not synced tab there is Issue: “The filename cannot be encoded on your system.”

Server configuration

Shared hosting
Operating system: Linux

Web server: Apache 2.4.27

Database: mySQL

Server PHP version: 5.3.24
For ownCloud: 5.6

ownCloud version: latest -

Storage backend (external storage): -

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.0

Operating system: Windows 7 profesional

OS language: english

Installation path of client: C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud


Client log output shows a lot of similar lines

10-12 11:00:09:037 [ info sync.csync.updater ]: cannot encode За принтиране to local encoding 2252

  1. Client logfile: Output of owncloud --logwindow or owncloud --logfile log.txt
    (On Windows using cmd.exe, you might need to first cd into the ownCloud directory)
    (See also )

I hope this is enough to understand the problem.

Thanks for reporting this, this seems to be a bug.

You can follow this ticket on GitHub to see updates on this.


i would report this directly to either the bugtracker of ownCloud or the desktop client. I’m just not sure which would better fit. :confused:

Thank you. I will follow the ticket.

Having same issue with Chinese characters. Different error though - “The filename cannot be encoded on your file system.” I added a comment to the bug report.


just have clicked on the previously linked issue and from what i understand this is fixed in the upcoming version 2.5.1 of the sync client or am i wrong?


Yes, it is fixed in 2.5.1. One of the developers sent me the link for a daily build ( and that fixed the issue for me.

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