Some LDAP users are not shown in the user results

Steps to reproduce

No steps, this problem happen right after the installation completed.

Expected behaviour

All users in the LDAP tree should appear in the results to assign permissions.

Actual behaviour

Some users are not showing in the results.

Server configuration


ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)
Server: server.mydomain.local (Change server name to generic one)
UCS Version: 4.4-1 errata241 (Blumenthal)
UMC Version: 11.0.4-36A~

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Fresh Install

Where did you install ownCloud from:
Official Web Site

Can you describe how you setup the appliance?

How did you connect to your LDAP?

Which users are showing up, which don’t?

During the setup it ask me for a user and password,the Domain server was added automatically and it was correct.

For example, my own username does not show in the results. However if I clone my account, the new account shows.

For either account that does not show, If I create a cloned account, the new one shows in the result.

They have various different groups, but there are users within those groups that show.

Basically, there are like less than 8 users that does not show. Everyone else is there in the result.

We use Nutanix. I uploaded the.uninvention-app.qcow2 file to the cluster and deploy a VM with the hardware specifications. I manually added the IP address and DNS.

Everything installed correctly. Initially, the OwnCloud Files App was not installed, I needed to download it. After Install, I search the user that I wanted to activate the app.

Did you choose to integrate the appliance in your existing domain or to build a domain of it’s own?

I choose to integrate the appliance to my existing domain

I would advise you to remove the appliance and install it new with it’s own domain.